Available data

All data on this website is pulled directly from Ireland's COVID-19 Data Hub. Where other sources have been used, they have been attributed in the page footer.


Basic case information for Ireland

Daily and total counts of cases and deaths in Ireland and LEA data, with restriction indicators (widescreen only) e.g. Level 5 Level 3 Level 2

Laboratory Tests

Positive swab statistics

The latest information on laboratory processing of COVID-19 swabs including positives, total tests conducted and graphing of cases/swabs.


Vaccine Data

Not currently updated

Detailed information on the vaccination programme in Ireland and Northern Ireland, with cohorts and vaccinations by type.

Mobility Data

Mobility Data in Ireland

Aggregated mobility data from Google and Apple spanning the whole pandemic, with 'restrictions in effect' indicators along the timeseries.

COVID Test Availability

COVID Test Availability

Not currently updated

Tracking the availability of self-referral PCR test slots in public COVID test centres.


Other great COVID-19 resources

Links to data from the ECDC, NI / UK and more.