HTTP API Information

This is a cleaned up version of the API available from the GeoHive Open Data Catalogue, which powers the Government's COVID-19 data dashboard and Contact Tracing app.

Query URL

Total Data

/api/total/cases Total confirmed cases in Ireland
/api/total/deaths Total confirmed deaths in Ireland
/api/total/male Total confirmed cases, Male
/api/total/female Total confirmed cases, Female

Daily Data

/api/daily/cases New daily confirmed cases in Ireland
/api/daily/deaths New daily confirmed deaths in Ireland

Transmission Breakdown

/api/transmission/community % of cases arising from Community Transmission
/api/transmission/closeContact % of cases arising from contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.
/api/transmission/travel % of cases arising from travel abroad.

Historical Data

/api/total/cases/date/?date=YYYYMMDD # of confirmed cases on date queried
/api/total/deaths/date/?date=YYYYMMDD # of deaths on date queried

Sample Query

How many cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed in Ireland?

How many cases of COVID-19 were there in Ireland on April 17th, 2020?

API Status

This will return all information from the API so you can validate its status.

Daily Data

New Cases Today:
New Deaths Today:

Total Data

Cases :
Deaths :
Male Cases :
Female Cases :

Transmission Data

Community Transmission: %
Close Contact: %
Travel Abroad: %

Note that this does not total to 100%. The remainder are unknown by the HPSC.

Historical Data

This will query the cases and deaths from 7 days ago. (2020-10-24)

Data Freshness

This data has a date of . You can query this with /api/info/date/.
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