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Jackie Furlong

Parent and Relationship Mentor

My name is Jackie Furlong – I am a Parent and Relationship Mentor. My day job is working as a child minder – I have worked with a few families over the last twenty years and am currently working with a family of three young girls age from eight down to four and a half.
“Home schooling is a whole new level for me but we are figuring it out together and doing the best we can!!!”

I have set aside some time ( see below) to offer support to anyone who needs it.
You can contact me by phone or email and we can work out what works best for you – phone, Zoom or Skype.
I can offer confidentiality and a non-judgemental compassionate approach to our time together. Your time with me is yours and I am here to listen and support you.
My training as a mentor is a therapeutic and educational practice rooted in psychoanalytical and psychotherapeutic theory. I have a certificate in Interpersonal Communications and a level 8 HDip in Relationship Mentoring.
I am also a Mom and have training in Montessori teaching.

If you can find the courage to reach out, I am here for you. These are challenging times and Covid-19 has certainly thrown us a curve ball.

Available times:

Mondays 10am to 2pm and 7pm to 8pm
Wednesday Evenings 7pm to 8pm
Fridays 10am to 2pm and 7pm to 8pm

It s free!
Email jakifurlong@gmail.com Phone 085 874 4555

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