First dose vaccinations

1,430,694 ±0

People fully vaccinated

1,361,003 ±0

Vaccinations per 100 people

147.42 +0

Total vaccinations

2,791,697 ±0

Vaccines administered by date

Source: Our World in Data

Population vaccinated

Percentage of the Northern Ireland population vaccinated. Total refers to the total NI population, and 18+ refers to the adult population. "Partially Vaccinated" figures exclude those who have had a second dose, as they are considered fully vaccinated.

Vaccinations per 100 people in the European Union

Approved Vaccines (Ireland / EU)
Under review (Ireland / EU)

Source: Approved Vaccines | Vaccines under review

*AstraZeneca: Administration of COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca was temporarily deferred on March 14th 2021.